Chapter meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM at the following location:

Pinetop-Lakeside Town Council Chambers
325 W. White Mountain Blvd., Pinetop-Lakeside Map

2021 Meeting Dates and Information

May 5

WMAS President Mary Williams will talk about chapter upcoming activities and events and will focus on the birding world’s May 8 Global Big Day. We will look at the best spots in Navajo and Apache Counties to tally the most species on that day as well as year round. We will also be reminded of how to enter them on eBird.

It should be especially interesting for those who have never used or seldom use this online program. By using it we become citizen scientists and also keep track of our lists for better birding.

June 2

Jon Orona, with the AZ Department of Forestry and Fire Management, and Malaina Spillman, with Pinetop-Lakeside Public Works, will talk about the Woodland Lake Park project and other issues about forestry and restoration. Jon is an avid birder.

July 7

Rob Bettaso, WMAS newsletter editor and field trip leader, will show slides from his 3-week trip to Patagonia (Argentina and Chile) this past October/November.  The trip included a 5-day backpacking trip as well as numerous long day hikes in the National Parks and other protected lands of the region. The birds of the region will also be highlighted.

August 4

John Wilson will talk about the Eagle Watch program and results here in the White Mountains as well as about the Bald Eagles’ success story in AZ and throughout the US in the past few decades.

September 1

Join Lorna McNeill-Cox from the Forest Service for a look at the weird and wonderful wildlife of Fool Hollow and the local area.  Come explore their surprising and amazing adaptations for survival that can sometimes look weird or even scary. Some are creatures we see every day without knowing their diverse and interesting secrets in this area of fascinating wildlife.

October 6

Barb Davis, a local nature photographer and writer, will show her films, “Sonoran Desert Birds and Bighorns” along with one featuring autumn in the White Mountains.

November 3

Dan Groebner, AZ Game and Fish Wildlife Biologist, will explain bird calls by discovering the “why, where, when, who and how” of avian vocalizations.

December 1

Sue and Bruce Sitko, formerly with AZGFD and the Nature Conservancy, will present “From Waders to Warblers: Spring Migration in Texas Has It All” recounting their trip to the Texas coast this past April.