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White Mountain Audubon members at Wenima Wildlife Area

2008 Archived Field Trip Reports

Fieldtrips are regularly held on the third Saturday of the month and meet in the parking lot of the McDonald's in Pinetop at 7:00 A.M. sharp. Special trips and afternoon fieldtrips are as scheduled. There are no regular trips in December, January, or February, but look for our Christmas Bird Count and other special events during the winter. For a schedule of upcoming trips, go to our Calendar. Bring binoculars and a scope if you have one. You should plan to bring a sack lunch, snacks and water for the day. Most fieldtrips last until the afternoon. All of our trips are open to the public. They are free with the exception of paying for rental vans or entrance fees on some occasions. Please plan to leave your pets at home. While on the trip please refrain from making loud noises. Most trips involve some moderate hiking. If you have any questions about fieldtrips email us. Hope to see you there!



Neither the owls nor the weather decided to cooperate on the night of our field trip. It rained continuously and progressively more heavily as the night went on. We traveled the forest roads out beyond Sky High toward the Vernon/McNary road and then looping back to the country club. Many thanks are due to Bob Vahle for mapping out possible locations. Thanks also to Sue Sitko and Barb Davis for scouting out the route with me on the 11th. Sue, Barb, Loretta Pena, and Tyler Lacy (one of my students) participated in the trip. We stopped at many locations along the way and Sue used her MP3 player to try to call in the Flammulated, Western Screech, and Great-Horned Owls. We did see bats, and heard a robin, but no owls. Even, with our lack of success and the persistence of the rain, we had fun. We decided that the trip is worth repeating next year, probably in the spring when the owls are calling...........Pat Yovonovitz

FIELD TRIP REPORT (October 10-14)

On the weekend of October 10-14, five of us (Mary Ellen & Chuck, Tom & Liz, and I) enjoyed a pleasant time birding in southeastern Arizona. The weather reports sounded like we were going to have problems with high winds and heavy rain forecast. Although I did wonder a few times on Friday night whether my tent was going to blow away, and a few times Sunday night whether I was going to freeze to death, all-in-all the weather wasn't a problem with only a few light showers on Saturday.

On Saturday we traveled down to Patagonia to the Nature Conservancy's Sonoita Creek Sanctuary. We also stopped at the Patton's residence. The highlight birds were a beautiful Summer Tanager, Gamble's Quail and a Lazuli Bunting. We lunched in Sonoita, and then spent the afternoon at Sabino Canyon in Tucson. The tram ride was enjoyable as was the walk down between several of the stops. The birds were not exceptional though we did get good looks at Gila Woodpeckers and Cactus Wrens. We had dinner at Home Town Buffet.

Sunday we joined the Tucson Audubon Society for the Big Sit at Aqua Caliente Park in east Tucson. On the lake there we saw a Green Heron, a Great Egret and American Widgeons. There was also a Broad-billed Hummingbird working over the flowers. The find of the day though was a flock of Rufous-winged Sparrows on the trail down toward the second pond. We all got a good look after being steered in the right direction by one of the Tucson members. Also present were Phainopeplas and Verdins. Some of the Tucson members also suggested that we check out the Tanque Verde wash area off of Wentworth Road. We found an exciting habitat with tall cottonwoods and running water and decided it warranted a trip back early in the day. For dinner, we went to Casa Molina, a Tucson landmark for great Mexican food. Chuck & Mary Ellen had to leave us then since Chuck had to work on Monday. Liz, Tom, & I spent the afternoon wandering through Bookman's.

On Monday, we did return to the Tanque Verde wash and Aqua Caliente Park. We saw Ruby-crowned Kinglet, White-Crowned Sparrows, Blue Grosbeak, more Verdins, and the Green Heron was still by the lake. We lunched at Sweet Tomatoes. Then Tom and Liz had to leave for the mountains.

On Tuesday I enjoyed shopping at the malls and the antique stores, before I too made the drive back home. We saw 54 species, several of which were "lifers" for some of us. The company was great and the weather was cooperative. We had a fun time............Pat Yovonovitz

Field Trip Report (December 2008)

WMAS Christmas Bird Count- December 20, 2008 Twelve hardy participants met up on a beautiful winter morning in Pinetop. We formed teams from the most participants in recent memory, and headed out to the lakes, woods and feeders of our gorgeous country. We were rewarded by our efforts, with 72 species and 4,395 total individuals! Below are some noteworthy sightings:

Ross's Goose at Woodland Lake
Western Grebe & Double-crested Cormorant at Fool Hollow Lake
Eared Grebes at Telephone Lake Ferruginous Hawk at Show Low Sewage Ponds
Sage Thrasher out Bourdon Ranch Road
Greater Roadrunner at Telephone Lake

We also eclipsed some high counts of a couple of species:
Wild Turkey-23
Western Grebe-3
Rock Pigeon-1
Red-naped Sapsucker-3

Some other interesting totals:
Bald Eagle-11 (Down, high of 39 in 1990)
Canada Geese-151 (Down, high of 193 in 1992)
Northern Pintail-47 (Down, high of 71 in 1989)
Western Scrub Jay-19 (Down, high of 21 in 2001)

As always, I want to thank our counters. It is because of your commitment that the 2008 Timber Mesa Christmas Bird Count was a success!! ~Jimmy Videle

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