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The White Mountain Audubon Society is one of the most active Aububon Chapters in Arizona, hosting birders from our community and the world with a wide variety of activities and bird watching opportunities. Our Calendar is a brief description of all of our activities by date.

Check this page frequently for additions, changes, and updates. Changes and updates to this schedule will appear in the Osprey Overlook, the White Mountain Independent and on the website whitemountainaudubon.org or call 367-2462.

White Mountain Audubon Programs 2017

Golden Eagle

What Are We Up To?

Western Screech Owl
Photo by Barbara L. Davis

All monthly programs begin at 6:30 pm at the Pinetop-Lakeside Town Council Chambers, 1350 Neils Hansen Lane. No field trips are planned at this time. For updates call (928) 367-2462. All are welcome at the monthly General Meetings.

April 5 – Dan Groebner will discuss a newly proposed Master Naturalist training and certification program for the White Mountains being organized by Navajo and Apache Counties. The program will train volunteer naturalists in many facets of this area’s natural history, ecology, geology and other topics unique to this area.

May 3 – Birders’ Workshop Presenters will review bird identification, noting size, shape coloration, markings, songs, habitat, range and season. There will be information on types of binoculars and their care. Back yard birding with suggestions about bird feeders, plants and other bird-friendly practices also will be discussed. All levels welcome.

June 7 – Cathy Wise, Education Director for Audubon Arizona, has been involved with teaching conservation values and a nature "ethic". She has developed unique programs to connect people with nature. She will enlighten us on the direction Audubon Arizona is taking, including “Plants for Birds.

July 5 - Nancy Buell Explore Audubon’s Hog Island Camp off the coast of Maine in photos taken by Nancy Buell last fall. Some of the people she met were famous researchers and authors. Puffins were once abundant on many islands throughout coastal Maine, but nearly disappeared in the early 1900s due to excessive hunting for meat and feathers. In a DVD Dr. Stephan Kress will explain about the PUFFIN PROJECT.

July 15 – WMAS-Nature Center Film Festival at White Mountain Nature Center, 425 Woodland Rd., Lakeside Dinner & beverage, 5-9 pm. Tickets = $25, available at WM Nature Center and Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce or from Board member. $30 at the door. (928) 367-2462.

August 2 – Joe and Marta Peddie have been working with the Bald Eagle Nest Watch program for many years. They will talk about the management of bald eagles in Arizona.

September 6 – Andrew Bridges, PhD, Wildlife biologist at the Petrified National Forest will give a brief overview of the park's resources with updates on avian surveys, prairie dog management and black-footed ferret reintroduction. He will also talk about a trip to Panama last fall coinciding with raptor migration where hundreds of thousands of hawks, kites, and vultures were seen in a day on their southward migration.

October 4 – Student, Donovan Handridge and his family have taken a special interest in building nest boxes. Donovan attended a summer camp in Colorado where he learned about building nest boxes and the kinds of birds that use them. He will tell us about his experience.

November 1 - Carol Sletten, a Pinetop writer and illustrator, will present "September at the Petrified Forest.” She will show images and talk about what she learned while she was an Artist-in-Residence at the Petrified Forest.

December 6 – Holiday Party Pot Luck. Sue Sitko will give a program on her trip to Thailand. She will show us the “Birds of Thailand.”

Pot Luck